Putting any Windows installation on a USB Flash Drive

So you have a netbook that doesn't have a CD Drive and you haven't got your favourite Windows OS on it? We can help.

Firstly, you need a seperate computer with a Windows Installation CD, a CD/DVD Drive and a USB drive. Download WinToFlash and run it.

Click the green tick sign.

When a window pops up that says advanced mode, just skip it and move on.

Make sure you have the CD in the drive and the usb plugged in, and browse to the directory of the windows installation CD and the USB drive.


Window Installation files = D:\
USB Drive = E:\

Click next and it should start the copying proccess. Do not unplug the USB or disconnect the, it will be fairly quick.

Once its finished, the USB will be bootable. If you need help booting the USB, send us a question. When you boot it successfully it show you the same installer that anyone should see while installing that version of Windows.